We will continually strive to provide our customers
the freshest, highest quality seafood available.

Super Fish Seafood Corp is a privately owned company. It initiated operations in September of 2010. We procure fresh fish from privately held companies in several countries in Latin America. All of our suppliers are HACCP certified and many of them have other certifications such as the EU certification. We work in compliance to Federally mandated guidelines (HACCP). We take pride in that we receive and grade every tuna and swordfish. We inspect every shipment of fresh fish for quality and specification compliance. Our close proximity with suppliers allow us to have time-based information that allow our customers to make procurement decisions on a timely manner. We insure that the fresh fish are handled correctly in order to assure our customers of product safety. We continue to look for new sources of sustainable fish in different areas of the world. Very shortly, we will be involved in deep ocean water fin-fish cage aquaculture off the coast of Ecuador. This of course will be a sustainable environmentally friendly project. As our need to service our customers expands, we will take the necessary steps to assure that their needs are fulfilled. Very shortly we will have offices for procurement and sales in Manta, Ecuador, Miami, Florida and the greater Mattapoisett, Ma area. We strive to satisfy our customers by providing high quality fresh fish continuously and at very competitive pricing. We always have our customer's interest in mind and the public's safety present. Please contact us if you have any questions.